Brunotti 2016 Brutus 5.2 Kitesurfboard

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Brunotti 2016 Brutus

Ein komplett neuentwickeltes und neudesigntes Board. Leicht und großartige upwind Eigenschaften und entwickelt für pures strapless-riding vom Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen.

This 5'1 sized board is the ulimatie start of strapless riding and an allround weapon in soft wind conditions. After testing loads of prototypes the Brutus stole our harts. The heavy duty nose, the ergonomic grab rails, the light wind volume and the concave that generates an excellent grip gave created an overall winner. It is great for strapless freestyle, the short length makes rotations and spins really easy. But the quad fin set-up, and fins which are located closely to the rail, also allows the Brutus to catch waves like no other.

Board including fins, but without pads and straps.