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Cabrinha 2010 Seat Harness

If you are a beginner rider or an advanced one who is looking for extra safety out on the waves, than you need the 2010 Cabrinha Seat Harness. This harness is created with usability and comfort in mind and it is great especially for freeride enthusiasts. The load is distributed proportionally due to the hip position of the hook. The EZ buckle spreader bar has four connections and keeps the hook steady through the entire ride and offers immediate kite response at any command.  The 3D thermoform body assures extra comfort and keeps the harness in touch with your body at all times.

Even if it is a seat harness, the Cabrinha model allows you extra freedom of movement and feels very light and comfortable. It is just what you need if you plan to have a fun and safe kiteboarding session.