Moses Foil Package Fluente 91 + Board T40

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Moses Foil Package

Board T40

The concept that leads the design of this board is to have a solution for all of our hydrofoil.
The dimensions are thought for help when you are starting riding.
The stance is chosen to for have the right stability and great controllability of the hydrofoil.

Dimensions: 1420x485x40 mm (4.6?x19?x1.6?)
Stance: 520 - 670mm (20,5'' - 26,4'')
Wheigh: 3,2 kg (footstrap escluse)

Fluente 91
The Fluente hydrofoil is the perfect choice for those riders looking for manuver oriented foil and max fun on the water.
The Moses Fluente is a wave / freeride foil that perfectly match all Moses board. Easy riding, maneuver oriented , fun to use. The new W 550 front wing has enough power to permit foiling at very low speed despite this, the top end of the fluente is well over 20 knots, The fuselage is the same we adopt on the Vorace, this will allow you to use every wing of our line on the Fluente

Base plate joint 90x165mm
Mast height: 910mm

Farbe: Rot