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Mystic Aviator Seat Harness

The Mystic Aviator is a Seat style harness that is quite low profile and easy to use. Great for land kiting or Kitesurfing for those riders that prefer a seat style harness.

Mystic Kiteboarding Aviator Seat Kitesurfing Harness is a great way to "harness" the power for your traction activities. This seat style harness comes at an entry level price but with the usual high quality build is  suitable for all land and water based activities.

(Kiteboarding, Kite buggying, Kitesurfing and Snowkitiing)
  • 4-Point Fixation
  • Power Leashring
  • Medium Hook Position
  • Double Density Foam
  • Neoprene Buckle Covers
  • Neoprene Leg Straps
  • Kite Spreaderbar
  • Adjustable lower backpressure
  • Integrated Handle
  • Small: 30" - 32"