Nobile 2016 50/Fifty WMN Kiteboard complete

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Nobile 2016 50 Fifthy WMN complete

Style: wakestyle

This is not a board for polite girls. It's a professional 50/Fifty WMN board, designed for naughty chicks! Those who like aggressive kiteboarding and need a board which lives up to their high expectations. Never too fast or too high - the show must go on. The wakestyle arena is waiting. Check if there is something of the Amazon about you and fight!


  • turbo pop
  • extreme traction
  • for crazy girls

FLEX (1-10): 8
ROCKER LINE: Hydrodynamic


  • 131x38,5
  • 134x39


  • Multichannel system guarantees stability in every situation
  • Carbon power belt keeps the rocker line during hard landings.
  • Compatible with wakeboard bindings.
  • Rocker line is perfect for every condition on the water.
  • Stance and flex adjusted for women.


  • 5 Freestyle
  • 5 Wakestyle
Location: The coast of the Aegean Sea, the Paros region (Greece). Design: The Cyclades archipelago consists of the islands circle with various landscapes, scattered across rocky mountains and blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The archipelago is famous for its terrace towns, never-ending beaches and strong wind blows.

Geschlecht: Frauen
Kite Style: Wakestyle Freestyle