Nobile 2016 NHP Carbon Kiteboard complete

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Nobile 2016 NHP Carbon complete

Style: freeride, freestyle

The carbon version of NHP is an elite board which gives you even more than you can imagine... The ultra-light construction combined with Nobile's High Performance features make this an outstanding product aimed at those looking for unforgettable thrills on the water. The board glides with unbridled speed and responds to every impulse transmitted by the rider. Pop, upwind performance and manoeuvres on the NHP are exceptional. It really is the best of the best!


  • mega pop
  • ultra-light
  • outstanding manoeuvrability

FLEX (1-10): 9
ROCKER LINE: Hydrodynamic


  • 134x41
  • 138x43



  • APS technology keeps the right "torsion".
  • Airlight core minimizes the weight.
  • Dynamic asymmetric shape revives the board.
  • Second generation W-connection - durable and precise.



  • 5 Freeride
  • 3 Wave
  • 5 Freestyle
  • 4 Wakestyle

Location: Torres Detroit and Banks Islands (Australia). Design: The graphics represent the Banks Islands. Together with Torres Islands on the north-west they constitute one of the northernmost archipelago of Pacific islands.