Nobile 2016 Skimboard with finns

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Nobile 2016 Skim with fins

The Nobile Skimboard is designed for kitesurfing. The deck is covered with EVA foam, and the short fins guarantee the skate feeling. Heavy-duty construction with a core protected by ABS makes the board bombproof. If you like having fun in shallow water and small waves while improving your strapless skills, then the skim will definitely satisfy you.

Style: freeride, freestyle

  • durable construction
  • skatey feeling
  • very good upwind performance

FLEX (1-10): 9
ROCKER LINE: Flat Directional
FEATURES: APS technology with small channels.
Sizes: 130x50,5
Design: Many colourful forms chaotically arranged in space remind the fun in the water. The diversity of elements emphasized the board's versatility.

4 Freeride
3 Wave
4 Freestyle
0 Wakestyle