North 2017 Rebel KIte incl. Bag & Repairkit

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North Rebel 2017
The Rebel is the benchmark of a high performance Freeride and Big Air kite impressing everyone from entry level to expert. Its all-time classic characteristics will deliver maximum performance already at minimum steering inputs with super precise bar feedback. Since the beginning, the Rebel has long been known for its exceptionally smooth, stable and shake-free feeling through the bar, which has even be refined. The loaded 5th line delivers a short bar stroke for sheet and go power and superior direct bar feel, even in overpowered and gusty conditions. The new design update of additional segments through the centre of the kite ensures rounder turning, enhanced wind range, as well as even more lift and hangtime. The additional size 15m will mainly please heavier riders as their boosting machine. Get ready to go big and free your ride with the new 2017 Rebel.


  • Flat kite design
  • Loaded 5th line 
  • 5 strut design
  • Best wind range 
  • Excellent hangtime and lift for highest and longest jumps
  • Best sheet and go power development
  • Short bar stroke for great bar feedback


Kite Style: Freeride