Brunotti 100456 Gravity 02 Harness red

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Brunotti 100456 Gravity 02 Harness red

If you are looking for a comfy fit instead of maximum weight reduction the 'Gravity' model is the perfect harness to wear! The first moment you put the harness on it's a match! Its easy to wear and has a lot of support on the critical parts. The new 2.0 Easyfix webbing straps in combination with the QR system will have you on the water in a second!

Includes: Detachable HP Loop

Key features:

Multi Use Harness
Fixtip Spreaderbar cover
Multi Use Spreadbar
360 Molded Flexshell
Padded interior
Density Foam
Pre Curved Lumbar Fit
2.0 Easyfix webbing straps
Quick Release Spreader system

60% Polyester
40% Neoprene

Farbe: Rot Schwarz
Kite Accesories: Trapez