Nobile 2019 Flying Carpet Tandem 163x48 w. Fins

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Flying Carpet Tandem 163x48 with fins G10

lightwind / school

This bigger board size allows for riding in pairs. The board has a reinforced construction, and thanks to AirLight Core it maintains a unique comfort during the ride, despite being such a big size. The Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape also guarantees very good upwind performance thanks to the long backside edge. For this model, we introduced double inserts, so two pairs of IFS's (for two people) can be mounted for riding with someone else.

Model: Flying Carpet Tandem

Size: 163x48


Fins: PA 55mm

Weight: 4,40

Stance: 611,1 - 761,1 + 365,8 (inside)

Rider weight: 40 - 180

Farbe: Rot Weiss Schwarz
Kite Style: Split Freeride